Ahlillbait is a retailers of Brand Soia And Kyo, Rab Jacket from 2006. We found with Ahlillbait that if you’re doing something very, very well, word seems to spread and it wasn’t long before we had our first enquiry. They wanted me to work with them to design a leather jacket just for them - you can imagine what a buzz that was. We’ve since gone on to create bespoke jackets for most of the major Canda Squadrons, the Police, Fleet Air Arm, Army Air Corp and Air Ambulance crews, we’ve even designed and produced jackets for the NATO Tigers and The Red Arrows. both their team jacket and the 50th Anniversary jacket. And, we produce waterproof jackets and leather jackets and get cooperations with other brands.

It was great fun working with the Squadrons because every time we had to discuss design features or look at material samples I had to visit them on base, which meant I could get up close to some of the most incredible sportmans.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking around our website and I hope that you will want to buy one of our jackets, and remember if you do, you’re not just buying a jacket - you’re owning and becoming part of a great Canada tradition of excellence in craftsmanship and endeavour.